Xiang Ye

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—This paper proposes to use Contourlet transform for image compression and feature extraction for wireless face recognition system. The properties of face images and face recognition techniques are incorporated into the design of wireless transmission for such a system. The reasons for utilizing contourlet transform are two-folded. Firstly, in face(More)
To determine cancer pathway activities in nine types of primary tumors and NCI60 cell lines, we applied an in silica approach by examining gene signatures reflective of consequent pathway activation using gene expression data. Supervised learning approaches predicted that the Ras pathway is active in approximately 70% of lung adenocarcinomas but inactive in(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous studies have used microarrays to identify gene signatures for predicting cancer patient clinical outcome and responses to chemotherapy. However, the potential impact of gene expression profiling in cancer diagnosis, prognosis and development of personalized treatment may not be fully exploited due to the lack of consensus gene signatures(More)
Sensor management deals with the efficient resource allocation to meet mission objectives of the application, air traffic control. A schedule for the sensors is constructed, which simultaneously meets the measurement accuracy and update rate, while minimizing the transmissions from the sensors. Bayesian inference is used to determine management requirements(More)
As a new field in the service industry, logistics is growing rapidly and is regarded as a fundamental industry in a national economy. Its development is an important symbol of a country's modernization and national strength. It also works as an accelerator in economic development. At the initial stage of transforming traditional logistics service to a(More)
Unforeseen failures of components of a wind turbine have a significant impact on the power generation capability. Anemometer, which measures the wind speed as seen by the turbine, can be used to predict within some degree of accuracy the amount of power the turbine should produce. It is a good indicator of incipient failures that the power production is(More)
We propose a method for accurate combining of evidence supplied by multiple individual match-ers regarding whether two data schema elements match (refer to the same object or concept), or not, in the field of automatic schema matching. The method uses a Bayesian network to model correctly the statistical correlations between the similarity values produced(More)
The next generation wind turbine systems become more and more complex, which requires a more accurate fault detection method to ensure their efficiency. On a wind farm, sibling turbines should see similar wind speed if they both work normally. Based on this, we design wind speed difference tests to detect both hard failures and soft failures, including(More)
In wind energy industry, power curve, the plot of the generated power versus the ambient wind speed, is an important indicator of the performance and health of wind turbines. The nominal power curves differ by manufacturers and types. The actual power curve will deviate from the nominal one because of the turbulence in the incoming wind, turbine health,(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) encephalitis and degeneration of cerebral cortex are established histopathologies of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND). We previously reported decreased excitatory amino acid transporter-2 (EAAT-2) and astrocytic apoptosis in cortical degeneration using SIVmac239 and simian-human immunodeficiency virus(More)