Xiang-Yao Zheng

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In recent years, urban air quality monitoring is increasingly important. To monitor air quality in urban areas, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) might be a great tool, because they can automatically collect air-quality data. WSNs are able to provide data with spatiotemporal continuity, so researchers can analyze the data in detail. This paper proposes a(More)
Improving fruit farm profitability through integrated pest management (IPM) programs is always an important issue to modern agriculture systems. In order to enhance IPM programs against Bactrocera dorsalis, an automatic infield monitoring system is required to efficiently capture long-term and up-to-the-minute environmental fluctuations in a fruit farm. In(More)
2013. The authors are solely responsible for the content of this technical presentation. The technical presentation does not necessarily reflect the official position of the Internation Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR) and of the EFITA association, and its printing and distribution does not constitute an endorsement of views(More)
The orchid industry in Taiwan has established large-scale orchid greenhouses to achieve high-precision cultivation of orchids, especially for Phalaenopsis. The wireless sensor network (WSN) technology has been shown to be able to play an important and useful role for effectively acquiring environmental parameters in real-time. However, the mobile benches(More)
This study designs and implements an embedded system-based distributed private cloud (EBDPC), which is a real-time analyzing device used in a wireless sensor network (WSN) monitoring system application. The proposed system consists of several low-cost embedded systems for the detection, classification, and measurement of six types of power quality events,(More)
For ecological monitoring systems, spatiotemporal continuity of sensed data is an important issue. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), composed of many tiny sensing devices, give a great way to collect continuously temporal and spatial data. Deployed in a wild field, harsh weather may lead to breakdown of these electronic devices or transmission loss between(More)
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