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Sensing coverage is defined as the ratio of the sensible area to the entire desired area. It is one of the critical measures of performance or service quality offered by a sensor network. In previous studies, the sensing range of a node is generally assumed to be a deterministic value in all directions. In realistic environments, the sensing range of a node(More)
Social Delay Tolerant Networks (Social DTNs) are promising by exploiting transfer opportunities between mobile devices to forward data for future network applications. Efficient data forwarding protocols are needed to adapt to the node mobility and intermittent connectivity of social DTNs. Previous forwarding algorithms present the node mobile patterns to(More)
This research examines the influence of logistic service supply chain network (hereinafter referred to as the LSSC network) to the growth of logistic service integrator (LSI) from the perspective of social network. We divided the LSSC network into five sub-networks, they are social network, reputational network, marketing network, logistic collaboration(More)
Targeted for poor security, low efficiency of the existing equipment in a certain factory, a new automatic bolts typewriter based on hydromechatronics technology, which is suiting for 1-3 inChes or even greater specifications, 200-800mm or longer bolts typewriting. The overall sCheme, feeding and discharging mechanism of this typewriter is described in this(More)
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