Xiang Thomas Ren

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This paper discusses algorithmic concepts, design and testing of a pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) navigation system based on a low-cost inertial measurement unit (IMU) attached to a user's shoe. The algorithm uses the technique known as “Zero Velocity Update” (ZUPT) and Kalman Filter consists of 24 error states to reduce IMU errors. We(More)
Road assets' condition has a critical impact on road safety and efficiency. It is a big challenge to accurately and efficiently monitor and manage road assets. This paper proposes a mobile surveying system that is cost efficient and robust to acquire and manage road assets information in highly dynamic environments like highways and urban streets, where the(More)
This paper addresses the issue of automatically profiling the road surface based on sensor fusion. Road surface profiling in this research paper includes road boundary detection, white line detection and lane division. We propose an approach to perform automatic and robust road surface profiling with the fusion of the following sensors: LADAR (Laser(More)
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