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In the open and dynamic pervasive computing environment, it is challenging to detect and handle the frequently occurred failures of service request. The widely used transparent mechanisms Remote Procedure Call and Object Request Broker have a great impact on the adaptive fault-tolerance, because they make it difficult for service requester to sense,(More)
Extracting fault features with the error logs of fault injection tests has been widely studied in the area of large scale distributed systems for decades. However, the process of extracting features is severely affected by a large amount of noisy logs. While the existing work tries to solve the problem by compressing logs in temporal and spatial views or(More)
Over its lifetime, adaptive software may have to deal with the environment not anticipated during the original development. In such cases, we should introduce new adaptive code, for example, to detect the strange contexts or update the out-of-date adaptation decision logic. This paper proposes an engineering approach facilitates this kind of post-delivery(More)
Mining of repeated patterns from HTML documents is the key step towards Web-based data mining and knowledge extraction. Many web crawling applications need efficient repeated patterns mining techniques to generate their wrapper automatically. Existing approaches such as tree matching and string matching can detect repeated patterns with high precision, but(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the improvement of fenghuaqianqingcha (FQC) on Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in mice and the related mechanism. METHODS The BPH model was established by subcutaneous injection of testosterone propionate in mice. At the same time, mice were infused into the stomach with FQC in different dosages for three weeks. The mice were(More)
Mining log pattern to analyze the faults in large scale distributed system is affected by the existence of redundant and ambiguous noisy error logs. While existing works try to compress logs in a coarse granularity from temporal and spatial view to remove the redundancy, they fail to reserve those ambiguous logs that might truly relate to a fault, which(More)
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