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Studies on Osmanthus fragrans Cultivars
Based on the research of the studies history of sweet osmanthus, geography distribution of Osmanthus and sweet osmanthus, the sweet osmanthus cultivars in China are classified in this paper, thereExpand
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Characters of Leaf Micromorphology of the Genus Osmanthus(Oleaceae) and Its Application in Systematic Taxonomy
The paper discusses leaf micromorphology of 15 species in the genus Osmanthus(Oleaceae) with Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM).The results are as follows:Stomatas of the genus are usually round orExpand
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Dynamic Variation of Endogenous Polyamines Contents in Bulbs of Lycoris radiata During the Florescence
Dynamic variation of endogenous polyamines contents in bulbs of Lycoris radiata during the florescence was studied with thin layer chromatography-fluorescence spectrometry,and the relationshipExpand
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Studies on Cladistic Analysis of Osmanthus
The Osmanthus was cladistically analyzed based on 22 morphological characters.The maximum parsimony(MP),the neighbor-joining(NJ) and unweighted pair-group method using arithmetic averages(UPGMA)Expand
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Morphological Differentiation of Flower Bud of Osmanthus fragrans ‘Wanzi Yingui’ and ‘Duoya Jingui’
The paraffin cut method was used to observe the morphological differentiation process of the flower bud of Osmanthus fragrans 'Wanzi Yingui'and 'Duoya Jingui'.The result showed that the flower budExpand
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Standard of classification and application of sweet Osmanthus
The plantation and breeds classfication of Osmanthus in China can date back to some thousand years ago .But from the ancient time to now , whether at home or abroad , there is no unification orExpand
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Study on key climate factors influencing blooming of Osmanthus fragrans at autumn in Nanjing
Using the principal component analysis method,key climate factors influencing blooming of Osmanthus fragrans Lour.were investigated on the basis of phenological phenomena in full blooming period andExpand
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New materials of the genus Osmanthus
Based on the analysis of large numbers of specimens,the paper reduces 1 species and 1 varieties in Osmanthus(Oleaceae ),i.e.O.caudatus H.T.Chang and O.armatus Diels var.microcarpus J.L.Liu.NewExpand
Studies on Cultivar Classification of Punica granatum
On the basis of obtained data and field survey of cultivar classification of pomegranate,the ways of cultivar formation and main appearance characteristics were analyzed in this paper.In the light ofExpand