Xiang Long Liu

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Erianthus arundinaceus, a wild relative of sugarcane has a number of traits including tolerance to environmental stresses desired by sugarcane breeders. The value of genetic diversity studies in providing useful information for introgression breeding and germplasm conservation is well known. A previous study reported little genetic diversity in a number of(More)
Techniques in resin blending are simple and efficient method for improving the properties of polymers, and have been used widely in polymer modification field. However, polymer latex blends such as the combination of latexes, especially the latexes with water-soluble polymers, were rarely reported. Here, we report a core-shell composite latex synthesized(More)
—A closely spaced dual-band notched UWB MIMO antenna is proposed in this paper. A traditional semi-circular monopole with ultra-wideband operation is chosen as an element of the proposed MIMO antenna. When two of the UWB monopoles are put together closely, the mutual coupling between them is apparently strong. To reduce the coupling between the antenna(More)
We present images of quasi-simultaneous VLBI observations of the GHz-observations reveal a weak and extended steep-spectrum component at about 30 mas away in the position angle of −110 • which may be a remnant emission. The radio structure of OQ 208 consists of two mini-lobes at 5.0, 6.7, 8.4 and 15.4 GHz. Our spectral analysis further confirms that the(More)
Several years of daily microwave satellite ice-drift are combined with moored Upward Looking Sonar (ULS) ice-drafts into an ice volume flux record at points along a flux gate across the Weddell Sea, Antarctica. Monthly ice transport varies at the mooring locations from a maximum export of 0.4 m 3 s-1 near Joinville Island to-0.4 m 3 s-1 imported along the(More)
Bioelectrochemical systems (BES) are groups of bioelectrochemical technologies and platforms that could facilitate versatile environmental and biological applications. The performance of BES is mainly determined by the key process of electron transfer at the bacteria and electrode interface, which is known as extracellular electron transfer (EET). Thus,(More)
In the last decade, an increasing number of studies have reported that soil nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions can be reduced by adding biochar. However, the effect of biochar amendment on soil N2O emissions during freeze-thaw cycle (FTC) is still unknown. In this laboratory study, biochar (0%, 2% and 4%, w/w) was added into a cultivated sandy loam soil and then(More)
We show results on how the morphology of a ZnO layer can have a big impact on the random lasing threshold of the material. Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition method is used to grow ZnO layers on sapphire substrates. The morphologies and structures of ZnO are observed to undergo transition when growth temperature decreases from 750 to 100 °C: the(More)
Magnetic susceptibility is an intrinsic physical quantity which describes the relationship between material magnetization and applied external magnetic field. Quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) is an MRI technology which can quantify the buck magnetic susceptibility of tissue in vivo. It is particularly effective at elucidating anatomy with(More)
Saccharum spontaneum L. plays a key role in the improvement of stress resistance and yield of sugarcane cultivars by serving as wild parent sources, especially lines of different ploidy. To better understand the genetic diversity and potential breeding value of S. spontaneum with different ploidy levels, 62 clones from four ploidy types (2n = 64, 72, 80,(More)