Xiang Ling Wang

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The effects of alpha adrenoceptor stimulation with noradrenaline were investigated in rat ventricular myocytes after blockade of beta receptors with propranolol (1 microM). At room temperature and low stimulation frequency (0.5 Hz), noradrenaline evoked a phentolamine-sensitive increase in contraction amplitude by 22%. The action potentials of myocytes were(More)
In rat ventricular myocytes, the effects of alpha adrenoceptor stimulation on outward currents were studied by means of the whole cell voltage-clamp technique. Phenylephrine (30 microM) in the presence of propranolol (1 microM) to block beta adrenoceptors reduced voltage-activated transient outward current. Both components of transient outward current were(More)
A drug–drug interaction occurs when the effect of one drug is altered by the presence of another drug which is generally associated with the induction of cytochrome P450s (CYPs) activity. Thus, unexpected treatment failures often happen resulting from inappropriate coadministration in fisheries. However, little information is available about CYP induction(More)
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