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Under nutrient-limited conditions, the red yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides can accumulate neutral lipids, of which the compositional fatty acids are mainly saturated and mono-unsaturated ones with 16 or 18 carbon atoms. To improve the linoleic acid content in the lipids, we enabled galactose-inducible expression of the gene encoding Δ12-fatty acid(More)
Highly efficient magnetic sewage sludge biochar (MSSBC) discloses feasible fabrication process with lower production cost, superior adsorption capacity, usage of waste sewage sludge as resource, selected by external magnetic field and exceptional regeneration property. 2gL-1 MSSBC exhibited a high adsorption capacity of 249.00mgg-1 in 200ppmPb(II) and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To construct a phosphate starvation derepressed expression vector for functional integration and expression of exogenous genes in Rhodosporidium toruloides. METHODS Sodium: inorganic phosphate symporter promoter pPHO89 and heat shock protein terminator tHSP were predicted by bioinformatics assay. DNA fragments of the two elements were amplified(More)
Metabolic engineering of Rhodosporidium toruloides, a robust lipid and caroteinoid producer, is of great importance for oleochemicals and carotenoids production. However, the Agrobacterium-mediated gene transformation is tedious and time consuming. Here, we described a fast and efficient genetic transformation of R. toruloides using electroporation with(More)
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