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The d2003 is a natural dwarf mutant from maize inbred line K36 and has less than one-third of K36 plant height with severely shortened internodes. In this study, we reported the cloning of d2003 gene using positional cloning. The results showed that there was a single-base insertion in the coding region of Viviparous8 (VP8) in d2003 mutant, which resulted(More)
Aberrant activation of the sonic hedgehog (Shh) signaling pathway plays an important role in gastric cancer. The exact mechanisms defining how the Shh pathway promotes tumorigenesis or regulates its downstream targets remains elusive. In the present study, the effects of inhibiting the Shh signaling pathway in gastric cancer AGS cells was examined. It was(More)
The cell lines of the NCI-60 panel represent different cancer types and have been widely utilized for drug screening and molecular target identification. Screening these cell lines for envelope proteins or gene sequences related to xenotropic murine leukemia viruses (X-MLVs) revealed that one cell line, EKVX, was a candidate for production of an infectious(More)
PURPOSE Dose-limiting toxicities of docetaxel are widely considered to be neutropenia, anemia, skin toxicity, and nausea. One of the factors that limit the use of docetaxel is its unpredictability of inter-individual variation in toxicity. MATERIALS AND METHODS In order to identify the genetic factors that affect the risk of docetaxel-induced toxicities,(More)
INTRODUCTION To evaluate frozen section analysis of common iliac lymph nodes for developing the accuracy of para-aortic lymphadenectomy and detection of para-aortic lymph node metastasis in patients with stage IB1 and IIA1 cervical cancer treated by surgical intent. METHODS Three hundred and ninety-two patients with stage IB1 and IIA1 cervical cancer who(More)
To study the molecular characteristics of swine leukocyte antigen (SLA) class I from the Hebao pig, a rare inbreed in China, a pair of primers was designed to amplify the SLA-2 gene (SLA-2-HB) and then the molecular characteristics of the gene were analyzed by computer. After cloning, sequencing and computer analysis, four SLA-2-HB alleles were found, all(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title compound, C(7)H(8)N(4)S, contains two independent mol-ecules with slightly different conformations; the dihedral angles between the pyridine ring and mean plane of the thio-semicarbazone unit in the two mol-ecules are 2.88 (5) and 6.30 (5)°. Inter-molecular N-H⋯N and N-H⋯S hydrogen bonds link the mol-ecules into layers(More)
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