Xiang Hong

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In this paper, we utilize clustering to organize wireless sensors into an energy-efficient hierarchy. We take a fully distributed approach to energy-efficient clustering and propose an Expellant Self-Organization (ESO) scheme that uses expellant election to achieve local energy efficiency. As a distributed scheme using only local information, ESO achieves(More)
— Cloud computing is a revolutionary modern computing platform in the field of information technology. It has promptly became famous and considered the emerging field of recent times due to its potential for better utilization of computer resources like flexible IT architecture, scalability, availability, fault tolerance, computational power, computational(More)
OBJECTIVE To table a proposal for select using the medical imaging methods to evaluate pelvic injury in forensic field, by studying the structure of pelvis and radiological methods in common use. METHODS A study of several cases of pelvic injury was done, in which biomechanics and classification of pelvic injury were analyzed, moreover imaging methods(More)
Chiral salen-type complexes have already been proven to be particularly useful asymmetric catalysts for the preparation of a wide range of enantioenriched products. Research for efficient recovery and recycling of such complexes is ongoing and has already demonstrated the value of these procedures in terms of atom economy and overall economical savings.(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the pelvic injury mechanisms in road traffic fatalities (RTFs) according to Young-Burgess classification and its practical value in forensic medicine. METHODS Retrospective study was performed on pelvic X-ray radiographs of adult RTFs outside the automobiles in 128 cases. Pelvic injury mechanisms were investigated according to(More)
In this paper, it is first time to introduce a new effect—Meso-transconductance Effect, applying a stress(strain) on the gate plane of NMOSFET along the axis direction. The stress causes a strain and the strain, in turn, affects the current-voltage response. The results show that the strain can make the changes of ID-VDS characteristic, ID-VGS(More)
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