Xiang Feng

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The host-seeking behavior of mosquitoes is very interesting. In this paper, we propose a novel mosquito host-seeking algorithm (MHSA) as a new branch of biology-inspired algorithms for solving TSP problems. The MHSA is inspired by the host-seeking behavior of mosquitoes. We present the mathematical model, the algorithm, the motivation , and the biological(More)
This paper presents a new generalized particle (GP) approach to dynamical optimization of network bandwidth allocation, which can also be used to optimize other resource assignments in networks. By using the GP model, the complicated network bandwidth allocation problem is transformed into the kinematics and dynamics of numerous particles in two reciprocal(More)
BACKGROUND The exact mechanism of the protective role of Resveratrol (Res) in lipid metabolism and oxidative stress is not well elucidated. The present study aimed to investigate the potential benefits and possible mechanisms of Res on the amelioration of oxidative stress and hepatic steatosis in a KKAy mouse model. METHODS A total of 30 KKAy male mice(More)
This study sought to report the mid-term outcome of a modified flow-diverting strategy in the treatment of complicated aortic aneurysms of different morphology. Historical data suggested aortic aneurysm expansion and rupture after endovascular treatment with current commercial flow-diverters, indicating the essentiality of further investigation of this(More)