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Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), which has led to millions of attacks and several outbreaks across the world and become more predominant in Asia-Pacific Region, especially in Mainland China, is caused by several Human Enteroviruses including new enterovirus, coxsakievirus and echovirus. In recent years, much research has focused on the epidemiological(More)
Chronic stress occurs in everyday life and induces depression-like behaviors, associated with proteins alterations and apoptosis in brain. Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol enriched in polygonum cuspidatum and has diverse biological activities, including potent antidepressant-like effects. The aim of this study was to determine whether resveratrol(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate and screen for fetal biliary cystic malformation (BCM) associated-ultrasonic key signs or sign-combinations. METHODS Thirty cases of fetal abdominal cysts were investigated, followed up and divided into BCM and non-BCM groups. Expression rates of seven fetal BCM-associated ultrasonic signs in the two groups (A: the cyst was located(More)
Because of employing elevation adaptivity, three-dimensional space-time adaptive processing (3D STAP) can achieve better performance than conventional two-dimensional (2D) STAP at the cost of higher computational load and sample support requirement. To overcome these shortcomings, a tri-iterative 3D STAP method based on correlation matrix for airborne radar(More)
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