Xiang Changle

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In this paper, a method of co-simulation between Adams and MATLAB/Simulink is proposed. A dual-mode electromechanical transmission model is built in Adams and a hybrid electric vehicle model is built in Simulink. A co-simulation between Adams and Simulink is completed by transferring the signals through interfaces. The simulation results show that the(More)
This study investigates an energy management strategy based on fuzzy logic for a new topology of battery-ultracapacitor hybrid energy storage system (HESS). The new topology uses a bi-directional dc-dc converter with a lower power rating than those used in the traditional HESS topology. The new HESS topology has three operating modes. The control system(More)
The electromagnetic torque of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) affects the power distribution precision in the electro-mechanical transmission (EMT). This paper proposes a torque observers for PMSM. Based on the mathematic model of the motor, command torque and the measured rotor speed, we can observe the actual torque precisely, moreover, the(More)
Now hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) control strategies are mainly aiming at the optimal fuel economy. The performance of most control strategies depends on the driving cycle pre-known. Changing driving condition will influence the optimal results greatly. Therefore, a neural network controller (NNC) is proposed for a dual-mode hybrid vehicle, which can(More)
Electro-Mechanical Transmission (EMT), which is especially suitable for the heavy-duty vehicles, can transmit the engine's energy to the drive shaft by electrical and mechanical power paths so that it can improve the driving and fuel economic performance. The problem is how to split the power flow to achieve the best performance. The non-linear(More)
Now most of the hybrid vehicle control strategies are aiming at the optimal fuel economy and driving cycle must be pre-known. Changing driving condition will influence the optimal results greatly. Therefore, a neural network controller (NNC) is proposed, which can improve fuel efficiency and the battery's SOC of a dual-mode hybrid vehicle in most driving(More)
The Electro-Mechanical Transmission (EMT) is a form of Heavy-Duty Vehicles Electrification. It makes use of two motor-generator units to electrically impose a continuously variable ratio between the input shaft and the transmission output shaft, thereby allowing the engine to work in a more efficient manner without respect to the vehicle speed. To realize(More)
The power-split hybrid driving system can enhance the dynamic and fuel economy performances markedly by the corresponding of the power-coupling machine and the motors. The dual-mode hybrid system can augment the speed range by the mode shifting and it is suitable for the heavy and off-road vehicles. Based on the power flow and the restricting relation of(More)
Now most of the instantaneous optimization for the power distribution of hybrid vehicle needs heavy calculation, which makes it difficult to be used on-line. Therefore, the instantaneous strategy which needs less computation is studied in this paper. The power split path is analyzed and the efficiency model is established based on a special dual-mode(More)
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