Xianfeng Zheng

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Ultraviolet (UV) photodissociation dynamics of jet-cooled benzyl radical via the 4(2)B(2) electronically excited state is studied in the photolysis wavelength region of 228 to 270 nm using high-n Rydberg atom time-of-flight (HRTOF) and resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) techniques. In this wavelength region, H-atom photofragment yield (PFY)(More)
A field experiment was conducted on a Hongyou soil of Yangling to investigate the effects of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on wheat yield under straw mulch. The results showed that under straw mulch, N fertilization contributed more to the increase of wheat yield than irrigation, because soil moisture condition was improved greatly. The interaction(More)
Both plants and animals possess analogous tissues containing hierarchical networks of pores, with pore size ratios that have evolved to maximize mass transport and rates of reactions. The underlying physical principles of this optimized hierarchical design are embodied in Murray's law. However, we are yet to realize the benefit of mimicking nature's Murray(More)
Compared to single ion/electron-optics for velocity-map imaging, a double-focusing lens assembly designed not only allows for mapping velocity imaging of photoelectrons but also allows for investigating the vibrational structure of the intermediate states of neutral species in resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) spectra. In this presentation,(More)
Using the saturation method, we measured the absolute photoionization cross-sections of several excited states of titanium, vanadium, chromium, iron, and cobalt. These results are reported for the first time in this paper. The measured values range from 0.4 ± 0.1 Mb to 6.9 ± 2.0 Mb. The results show that the photoionization cross-section depends on the(More)
Aiming at the application of the experimental system of earth temperature monitoring, this study designed a ZigBee technology-based wireless sensor network (WSN) and designed the network topology according to actual demand. The system adopted a tree network model and used the CC2430 as the core chip of the wireless communication network of temperature(More)
Vibrationally resolved photoelectron spectra of CuOH- and CuSH- have been determined via velocity map imaging method to investigate the transitions of X1A'←X2A' at 532nm. Adiabatic detachment energies of CuOH- and CuSH- are assigned to 0.995(12) and 1.098(12) eV, respectively. Combined theoretical calculations with Franck-Condon simulations, it allows(More)
Dispersion can lead to broadening in the process of optical pulse transmission, which results in intersymbol interference that limits the development of fiber with high speed and large capacity. Conducting efficient compensation to the dispersion in an optical fiber communication system has become a significant research topic. This study adopts vector(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) has been well identified as a specific free radical molecule possessing wide-ranging therapeutic effects. Targeted delivery and controlled release of NO are highly desired to realize precision gas therapy, but are still challenging owing to the non-targetability and uncontrollability of NO itself. Herein, we propose a new concept of(More)
Ultraviolet (UV) photodissociation dynamics of the SD radical in vibrationally ground and excited states (X (2)Pi(3/2), v'' = 0-5) are investigated in the photolysis wavelength region of 220 to 244 nm using the high-n Rydberg atom time-of-flight (HRTOF) technique. The UV photodissociation dynamics of SD (X (2)Pi(3/2)) from v'' = 0-5 are similar to each(More)