Xianfeng Yuan

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The wheeled robots have been successfully applied in many aspects, such as industrial handling vehicles, and wheeled service robots. To improve the safety and reliability of wheeled robots, this paper presents a novel hybrid fault diagnosis framework based on Mittag-Leffler kernel (ML-kernel) support vector machine (SVM) and Dempster-Shafer (D-S) fusion.(More)
To overcome the shortcomings of existing robot localization sensors, such as low accuracy and poor robustness, a high precision visual localization system based on infrared-reflective artificial markers is designed and illustrated in detail in this paper. First, the hardware system of the localization sensor is developed. Secondly, we design a novel kind of(More)
1 Abstract The growth of world wide web has dramatically changed our lives. Diierent tools and new techniques based on the world wide web make it possible to perform various collaborative processes and businesses: internet chatrooms, internet phones, video conferences, internet classrooms, and now electronic commerces, etc. Various research and projects(More)
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