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A fast algorithm, named Complex-Valued Fast Frobenius DIAGonalization (CVFFDIAG), is proposed for seeking the nonunitary approximate joint diagonalizer of a given set of complex-valued target matrices. It adopts a multiplicative update to minimize the Frobenius-norm formulation of the approximate joint diagonalization problem. At each of multiplicative(More)
A new Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) estimation method based on a Joint Diagonalization tool for Fast Blind Source Separation (FBSS-DOA) is proposed in this paper. A group of correlation matrices possessing diagonal structure are generated. A cost function of joint diagonalization for blind source separation is introduced. For solving this cost function, a fast(More)
BP neural network is applied to control the amount of feed, which is the key problem during the constant-force grinding. Firstly, BP neural network is constructed. Because its convergence is slow and local minimums often occur, the adaptive learning rate is used and certain momentums are added to improve BP neural network. Then the feature parameters in(More)
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