Xianfeng Xu

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Thermo-sensitive genic male-sterility (TGMS) has great advantages in hybrid crop production. Different from common TGMS in Brassica napus, a reverse TGMS line named Huiyou50S is male sterile when it is cultivated in low temperature, but highly fertile when exposed to high temperature. To gain further insights into the developmental aberrations leading to(More)
We report on the formation and stability of induced solitons in parity-time (PT) symmetric periodic systems with the logarithmically saturable nonlinearity. Both on-site and off-site lattice solitons exist for the self-focusing nonlinearity. The most intriguing result is that the above solitons can also be realized inside the several higher-order bands of(More)
BP neural network is applied to control the amount of feed, which is the key problem during the constant-force grinding. Firstly, BP neural network is constructed. Because its convergence is slow and local minimums often occur, the adaptive learning rate is used and certain momentums are added to improve BP neural network. Then the feature parameters in(More)
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