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An accurate aperture synthesis method in generalized phase-shifting interferometry is suggested to improve the quality of the reconstructed object wavefront by stitching both the phase and the real amplitude of the object wave on the recording plane. Since the phase distribution affects the reconstruction of the original object wavefront, phase stitching is(More)
Thermo-sensitive genic male-sterility (TGMS) has great advantages in hybrid crop production. Different from common TGMS in Brassica napus, a reverse TGMS line named Huiyou50S is male sterile when it is cultivated in low temperature, but highly fertile when exposed to high temperature. To gain further insights into the developmental aberrations leading to(More)
A fast algorithm, named Complex-Valued Fast Frobenius DIAGonalization (CVFFDIAG), is proposed for seeking the nonunitary approximate joint diagonalizer of a given set of complex-valued target matrices. It adopts a multiplicative update to minimize the Frobenius-norm formulation of the approximate joint diagonalization problem. At each of multiplicative(More)
An advanced phase-shifting interferometry approach with a spherical wavefront reference is proposed to improve the quality of the holographic image by avoiding errors caused by noncollimated reference and lowering the resolution of the recording device. By considering not only the real amplitude but also the phase distribution of a spherical wavefront(More)
Due to the fact that escape panics are unexpected and dangerous, which excludes real-life experiments because of technical difficulties and ethical reasons, the evacuation simulations in real-life disasters are still rare. In this paper, the escape panics of classroom evacuation in real-life 2013 Ya’an earthquake in China are simulated and reproduced using(More)
A simple and convenient method, without the need for any additional optical devices and measurements, is suggested to improve the quality of the reconstructed object wavefront in two-step phase-shifting digital holography by decreasing the errors caused by reference beam tilt, which often occurs in practice and subsequently introduces phase distortion in(More)
BaTeMo<sub>2</sub>O<sub>9</sub> (BTM) is employed to achieve efficient stimulated Raman scattering conversion in a diode end-pumped acousto-optically Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. With an incident diode power of 8.6 W, 732 mW of 1179 nm first-Stokes average output power was generated at a pulse repetition rate of 10 kHz, corresponding to a diode-to-Raman(More)
This paper is concerned with blind separation of convolutive sources. The main idea is to make an explicit exploitation of block Toeplitz structure and block-inner diagonal structure in autocorrelation matrices of source signals at different time delays as well as of inherent relations among these matrices. With implementation of joint block(More)
This paper deduced the relationship of transmembrane voltage on cell membrane and frequency by solving the Laplace's equation. The value of transmembrane voltage will decrease when the frequency of outer electric field increases, and this decrease will be faster if the frequency exceeds a certain frequency band. The transmembrane voltage is determined by(More)