Xianfeng Song

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When making decisions, humans can observe many kinds of information about others' activities, but their effects on performance are not well understood. We investigated social learning strategies using a simple problem-solving task in which participants search a complex space, and each can view and imitate others' solutions. Results showed that participants(More)
This paper proposes a methodology for detecting intrusion in wireless sensor networks using Weak Hidden Markov Models (W-HMM). W-HMM is a non-parametric version of Hidden Markov models (HMM), wherein state transition probabilities are reduced to rules of reachability. In particular, we introduce scoring scheme and deviation alarm mechanisms to detect(More)
The mechanism of the earthquake remains to be investigated, though some anomalies associated with earthquakes have been found by DEMETER satellite observations. The next step is to use the DEMETER data for earthquake prediction. It is a useful and feasible way to use the self-adaptive artificial neural network to construct relations between various symptom(More)
Many researchers have examined the impact of detailed soil spatial information on hydrological modelling due to the fact that such information serves as important input to hydrological modelling, yet is difficult and expensive to obtain. Most research has focused on the effects at single scales; however, the effects in the context of spatial aggregation(More)
Coal fires are common and serious phenomena in most coal-producing countries in the world. Coal fires not only burn valuable non-renewable coal reserves but also severely affect the local and global environment. The Rujigou coalfield in Shizuishan City, Ningxia, NW China, is well known for being a storehouse of anthracite coal. This coalfield is also known(More)
The open source software related projects encompass a broad range of GIS categories, such as spatial data conversion, cartographic project, spatial data infrastructure, spatial database engine, geo-processing, spatial data integration, and web mapping. Some projects resulted software perform extremely well, and their growing success has been promoting the(More)
A novel modified Preisach model is proposed to identify and simulate the hysteresis phenomena observed in a piezoelectric stack actuator. Further, an open-loop controller is incorporated to eliminate hysteresis influence. The proposed approach with a continuous, analytical distribution function performs very well when considering the low amount of(More)