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—Bowen ratio and energy balance (BREB) method is used to measure the evapotranspiration of mixed bush and grass in headwater region of North China Plain. The results show that it is hard to observe the long-term data by BREB. To analyze the diurnal variation in the energy balance, three days (DOY 225, clear day; DOY 228, cloudy, fog in the morning, and(More)
The green revolution in the northwest region of Bangladesh over the past three decades has based on groundwater irrigation. For sustainable agricultural accretion, groundwater dynamics play a vital role in this region. In this study, the groundwater level dynamics have been analyzed with a model named " MAKESENS " and with geographical information systems(More)
BACKGROUND To enable effective management and decision making for the sustainable use of water resources, we successfully integrated factors such as dams, land use and soil properties as well as management factors in the Hanjiang River basin, a subtropical catchment of China, into the SWAT model to simulate water cycles as well as the distribution,(More)
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