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Degradation of sulfated polysaccharides from Enteromorpha prolifera and their antioxidant activities.
  • B. Li, S. Liu, +6 authors P. Li
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Carbohydrate polymers
  • 15 February 2013
The effects of degradation on molecular weights (Mws) of polysaccharides from Enteromorpha prolifera were investigated. Microwave-assistance could highly accelerate reaction rate. Six representativeExpand
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Highly carbonylated cellulose nanofibrous membranes utilizing maleic anhydride grafting for efficient lysozyme adsorption.
Construction of adsorptive materials for simple, efficient, and high-throughput adsorption of proteins is critical to meet the great demands of highly purified proteins in biotechnological andExpand
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Hierarchical structured MnO2@SiO2 nanofibrous membranes with superb flexibility and enhanced catalytic performance.
Constructing nanostructured catalyst-embedded ceramic fibrous membranes would facilitate the remediation or preliminary treatment of dyeing wastewater, however, most of such membranes are brittleExpand
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The influence of crystallite size and crystallinity of anatase nanoparticles on the photo-degradation of phenol
Crystallite size and crystallinity have been recognized as important parameters that influence the photocatalytic performance of pristine TiO2 nanoparticles. But how these two parameters individuallyExpand
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Experimental Studies on the Natural Restoration and the Artificial Culture of the Moss Crusts on Fixed Dunes in the Tengger Desert, China
Soil microbiotic crusts cover extensive portions of the arid and semiarid regions of the world and play an important ecological role. Moss is one of the major components in the crusts. TheExpand
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Superelastic and superhydrophobic nanofiber-assembled cellular aerogels for effective separation of oil/water emulsions.
Many applications proposed for functional nanofibers require their assembly into a monolithic cellular structure. The ability to maintain structural integrity upon large deformation is essential toExpand
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Flexible Hierarchical ZrO2 Nanoparticle-Embedded SiO2 Nanofibrous Membrane as a Versatile Tool for Efficient Removal of Phosphate.
Functional nanoparticles modified silica nanofibrous materials with good flexibility, a hierarchical mesoporous structure, and excellent durability would have broad applications in efficient removalExpand
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The antiviral property of Sargassum fusiforme polysaccharide for avian leukosis virus subgroup J in vitro and in vivo.
Avian Leukosis Virus Subgroup J (ALV-J) is an oncogenic retrovirus, mainly spread by vertical and horizontal transmission, which have caused severe losses in world poultry industry. SargassumExpand
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Hierarchical Porous Structured SiO2/SnO2 Nanofibrous Membrane with Superb Flexibility for Molecular Filtration.
The separation and purification of chemical molecules from organic media under harsh chemical environments are of vital importance in the fields of water treatment, biomedical engineering, andExpand
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Separation and scavenging superoxide radical activity of chitooligomers with degree of polymerization 6-16.
The separation of chitooligomers (COS) with well-defined degree of polymerization (DP) is of interest to further study their bioactivity. However, there has been no report on separation ofExpand
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