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Multi authority attribute based encryption solve a completely trust problem about a single authorization center, make the data owner control fine-grained data and resist collusion attack. But in the practical attribute revocation needs a lot of calculation. Adding the user revocation list into cipher text implements the user revocation. Through agent(More)
The traditional K-means algorithm is sensitive to the initial center, and equates the importance of dimension data for multidimensional data. So it is unable to block the effects of dimensional data dimension, nor can it well reflect the influence of each dimension of clustering. The semi-supervised clustering introduces a small amount of sample points, so(More)
ODMA-WiFi network is a sort of multi-hop temporary autonomous network which is of great compatibility, composed of lots of mobile nodes without pre-positioned network infrastructure, and mainly used for conditions where the network needs to be deployed rapidly. This flexibility of ODMA-WiFi nodes introduces new challenges for the design of efficient network(More)
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