Xianchao Zhang

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Interferons (IFNs) are key mediators of the host innate antiviral immune response. To identify IFN-stimulated genes (ISGs) that instigate an antiviral state against two medically important flaviviruses, West Nile virus (WNV) and dengue virus (DENV), we tested 36 ISGs that are commonly induced by IFN-alpha for antiviral activity against the two viruses. We(More)
Mature oligodendrocytes myelinate axons in the CNS. The development of the myelin sheath is dependent on the proper maturation of oligodendrocytes from precursors cells, a spatially restricted process that is regulated by inductive and repressive cues. Several members of the bone morphogenetic protein family (BMP2 and 4) have been implicated as repressors(More)
0167-8655/$ see front matter 2010 Elsevier B.V. A doi:10.1016/j.patrec.2010.09.014 q Supported by National Science Foundation of Ch 60873180. ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +86 411 87571515; fa E-mail addresses: xczhang@dlut.edu.cn (X. Zhang) (J. Li), hongyu@dlut.edu.cn (H. Yu). Similarity measurement is crucial to the performance of spectral clustering. The(More)
Mesophyll cells of Zinnia elegans L., cultured in the presence of phytohormones, will transdifferentiate and undergo programmed cell death to become tracheary elements, thick-walled cells of the xylem. This system is a model system for study of plant cell development and differentiation. We report that a high concentration of extracellular Ca2+ is necessary(More)
Seed sets are of significant importance for trust propagation based anti-spamming algorithms, e.g., TrustRank. Conventional approaches require manual evaluation to construct a seed set, which restricts the seed set to be small in size, since it would cost too much and may even be impossible to construct a very large seed set manually. The small-sized seed(More)
Multi-view clustering integrates complementary information from multiple views to gain better clustering performance rather than relying on a single view. NMF based multi-view clustering algorithms have shown their competitiveness among different multi-view clustering algorithms. However, NMF fails to preserve the locally geometrical structure of the data(More)
The Twitter social network has become a target platform for both promoters and stammers to disseminate their target messages. There are a large number of campaigns containing coordinated spam or promoting accounts in Twitter, which are more harmful than the traditional methods, such as email spamming. Since traditional solutions mainly check individual(More)
We screened ∼2,200 compounds known to be safe in people for the ability to reduce the amount of virion-associated hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA in the culture medium of producer cells. These efforts led to the discovery of an alkylated porphyrin, chlorophyllide, as the compound that achieved the greatest reduction in signal. Here we report that chlorophyllide(More)
Propagating trust/distrust from a set of seed (good/bad) pages to the entire Web has been widely used to combat Web spam. It has been mentioned that a combined use of good and bad seeds can lead to better results. However, little work has been known to realize this insight successfully. A serious issue of existing algorithms is that trust/distrust is(More)
To alleviate the memory and computational burdens of spectral clustering for large scale problems, some kind of low-rank matrix approximation is usually employed. Nyström method is an efficient technique to generate low rank matrix approximation and its most important aspect is sampling. The matrix approximation errors of several sampling schemes have(More)