Xianchao Tang

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The molecular regulation of the lung metastasis of pancreatic carcinoma (PCC) is not completely understood. Here, we show that the levels of phosphorylated SMAD3, ZEB1, ZEB2, Snail1, and Snail2 were significantly higher in PCC with lung metastasis than in PCC without lung metastasis. Overexpression of TGFβ1 enhanced the invasiveness of PCC cells, while(More)
Uncovering community structures is important for understanding networks. Currently, several nonnegative matrix factorization algorithms have been proposed for discovering community structure in complex networks. However, these algorithms exhibit some drawbacks, such as unstable results and inefficient running times. In view of the problems, a novel approach(More)
Community detection is a fundamental problem in the analysis of complex networks. Recently, many researchers have concentrated on the detection of overlapping communities, where a vertex may belong to more than one community. However, most current methods require the number (or the size) of the communities as a priori information, which is usually(More)
Currently, the lack of standardization of abbreviation for the same organization name gives rise to the omission in the various kinds of major industrys' anti-money laundering and anti-fraud blacklist filter system. In view of this, a method of Chinese organization name abbreviation recognition based on similarity is proposed, which calculates the(More)
Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) as a popular technique to find parts-based representations of nonnegative data has been widely used in real-world applications. Often the data which these applications process, such as motion sequences and video clips, are with ordered structure, i.e., consecutive neighbouring data samples are very likely share similar(More)
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