Xianchang Li

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Quantifying the air-surface exchange of Hg(o) from soils is critical to understanding the cycling of mercury in different environmental compartments. Dynamic flux chambers (DFCs) have been widely employed for Hg(o) flux measurement over soils. However, DFCs of different sizes, shapes, and sampling flow rates yield distinct measured fluxes for a soil(More)
Asymptotic symbol error rate and outage probability are derived for multi-branch selection combining over arbitrarily correlated Nakagami-m fading channels using a new Marcum Q-function approximation. It is shown that asymptotic error rates and outage probability over correlated branches can be obtained by scaling the asymptotic error rates over independent(More)
Effective cooling of gas turbine combustor liners, combustor transition pieces, turbine vanes (nozzles) and blades (buckets) is a critical task to protect these components from the flue gas at extremely high temperature. Air film cooling has been successfully used to cool these hot sections for the last half century. However, the net benefits from the(More)
An improved long transmission protocol for very high frequency (VHF) digital link (VDL) mode 4 in aeronautical telecommunications network (ATN) is proposed, which includes a combined transmission scheme and a retransmission mechanism. In the combined transmission scheme, control messages can be piggybacked in conflict-free message transmission, and thus(More)
Asymptotic symbol error rate is derived for multibranch predetection equal gain combining over generalized correlated Nakagami-m fading channels. It is shown that asymptotic error rates over correlated branches can be obtained by scaling the asymptotic error rates over independent branches with a factor, det( √ R), where det( √ R) is the determinant of(More)
In this work, four-second order nonlinear optical (NLO) azobenzene-containing materials are studied in-depth by using vibrational spectra and density functional theory (DFT). The Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectra and FT-Raman spectra are recorded in the range of 50-4000 and 100-3600cm(-1), respectively. Meanwhile, the DFT computations are performed(More)