Xianbo Xiao

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The recent discovery of Dirac semimetals represents a new achievement in our fundamental understanding of topological states of matter. Due to their topological surface states, high mobility, and exotic properties associated with bulk Dirac points, these new materials have attracted significant attention and are believed to hold great promise for(More)
We propose a graphene-based full valley- and spin-polarization device based on strained graphene with Rashba spin orbit coupling and magnetic barrier. The underlying mechanism is the coexistence of the valley and single spin band gaps in a certain Fermi energy. By aligning the Fermi energy in the valley and single spin band gaps, remarkable valley- and(More)
The paper introduced the structure of digital hearing aid in brief firstly, then analyzed and compared signal processing algorithms applied in digital hearing aid, serving respectively in multi-channel frequency compensation, noise reduction and acoustic feedback cancellation. Finally, several special signal processing techniques used in digital hearing aid(More)
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