Xianbo Xiang

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This paper addresses the control problem of inspecting underwater pipeline on the seabed, with coordinated multiple autonomous underwater vehicles in a formation. Based on the leader-follower strategy, the dedicated nonlinear path following controller is rigorously built on Lyapunov-based design, driving a fleet of vehicles onto assigned parallel paths(More)
— This paper addresses the problem of coordinated path following of multiple wheeled mobile robots while keeping a desired formation. The control laws proposed are categorized into two envelopes, one is steering individual robots to trace along predefined paths, and the other is ensuring tracked paths to be well defined in the formation, by means of(More)
The involvement of OsKASI in FA synthesis is found to play a critical role in root development of rice. The root system plays important roles in plant nutrient and water acquisition. However, mechanisms of root development and molecular regulation in rice are still poorly understood. Here, we characterized a rice (Oryza sativa L.) mutant with shortened(More)
—This paper addresses the problem of coordinated path tracking for networked nonholonomic mobile vehicles, while building and keeping a desired formation. The control laws proposed are categorized into two envelopes by integrating individual path tracking and global virtual structure approaches. One is steering individual vehicles to track virtual vehicles(More)
— Cloud robotics is a field of robotics that attempts to invoke Cloud technologies such as Cloud computing, Cloud storage, and other Internet technologies centered around the benefits of converged infrastructure and shared services for robotics. In a few short years, Cloud robotics as a newly emerged field has already received much research and industrial(More)
The changes of the seabed environment caused by a natural disaster or human activities dramatically affect the life span of the subsea buried cable. It is essential to track the cable route in order to inspect the condition of the buried cable and protect its surviving seabed environment. The magnetic sensor is instrumental in guiding the remotely-operated(More)