Xianbing Wang

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Traditional DHT (Distributed Hash Tables) abstraction distributes data items among peer nodes on a structured overlay network. This introduces a number of issues when nodes are under different administrative authorities. In this paper, we propose DGRID, a new DHT abstraction for grid resource indexing and discovery where an administrative domain stores only(More)
This paper discusses a Java-based grid computing middleware, ALiCE, to facilitate the development and deployment of generic grid applications on heterogeneous shared computing resources. The ALiCE layered grid architecture comprises of a core layer that provides the basic services for control and communication within a grid. Programming template in the(More)
UNLABELLED All well-characterized positive-strand RNA viruses[(+)RNA viruses] induce the formation of host membrane-bound viral replication complexes (VRCs), yet the underlying mechanism and machinery for VRC formation remain elusive. We report here the biogenesis and topology of the Beet black scorch virus (BBSV) replication complex. Distinct(More)
Effectors are essential virulence proteins produced by a broad range of parasites, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, oomycetes, protozoa, insects and nematodes. Upon entry into host cells, pathogen effectors manipulate specific physiological processes or signaling pathways to subvert host immunity. Most effectors, especially those of eukaryotic pathogens,(More)
MOTIVATION Grid computing is used to solve large-scale bioinformatics problems with gigabytes database by distributing the computation across multiple platforms. Until now in developing bioinformatics grid applications, it is extremely tedious to design and implement the component algorithms and parallelization techniques for different classes of problems,(More)
Plant viruses show significant potential as expression vectors for producing foreign proteins in plants. In this study, codon-optimized VP6 gene (sVP6) of human rotavirus was engineered as a replacement to the coat protein (CP) open reading frame of Beet black scorch virus (BBSV). In vitro-generated RNA transcripts corresponding to the engineered virus were(More)
In order to suppress RNA silencing, many plant and some animal viruses encode RNA silencing suppressors to achieve infection. In this study, we report that B3 and B4, encoded by DNA3 and DNA4 of banana bunchy top virus (BBTV), exhibit RNA silencing suppression activity. B3 and B4 were able to increase the transient expression of green fluorescent protein(More)
The time lower bounds for both uniform consensus and early stopping consensus have already been proved in synchronous distributed systems with crash failures, but both have not been proved with orderly crash failures and remain as open problems. This paper uses a bivalency argument proof to solve the two open problems. The first open problem is how to prove(More)
Both genome-wide transcriptomic surveys of the mRNA expression profiles and virus-induced gene silencing-based molecular studies of target gene during virus-plant interaction involve the precise estimation of the transcript abundance. Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) is the most widely adopted technique for mRNA quantification. In order to obtain reliable(More)