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Keywords: Bat Algorithm Habitat selection Doppler effect in echoes Mechanical behavior Quantum behavior Optimization a b s t r a c t A novel bat algorithm (NBA) is proposed for optimization in this paper, which focuses on further mimicking the bats' behaviors and improving bat algorithm (BA) in view of biology. The proposed algorithm incorporates the bats'(More)
  • X L Meng
  • 1997
Anderson Gray McKendrick's 1926 paper, 'Applications of mathematics to medical problems', was the earliest reference cited in Dempster et al.'s 1977 paper that defined and popularized the EM algorithm. McKendrick's paper was prominently featured by Joseph Oscar Irwin in his 1962 inaugural address as the President of the Royal Statistical Society (in the(More)
Rubin's multiple imputation is a three-step method for handling complex missing data, or more generally, incomplete-data problems, which arise frequently in medical studies. At the first step, m (> 1) completed-data sets are created by imputing the unobserved data m times using m independent draws from an imputation model, which is constructed to reasonably(More)
A new bio-inspired optimisation algorithm: Bird Swarm Algorithm Xian-Bing Meng, X.Z. Gao, Lihua Lu, Yu Liu & Hengzhen Zhang a College of Information Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, P.R. China b Chengdu Green Energy and Green Manufacturing R&D Center, Chengdu, P.R. China c Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Aalto(More)
A novel hybrid Bat Algorithm (BA) with the Differential Evolution (DE) strategy using the feasibility-based rules, namely BADE is proposed to deal with the constrained optimization problems. The sound interferences induced by other things are inevitable for the bats which rely on the echolocation to detect and localize the things. Through integration of the(More)
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