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In recent years, Graphics Processing Units(GPUs) have attracted the attention of many application developers as powerful massively parallel system. Computer Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) as a general purpose parallel computing architecture makes GPUs an appealing choice to solve many complex computational problems in a more efficient way. Sparse(More)
—GRAPES (Global and Regional Assimilation and Prediction System) is a new generation of numerical weather prediction (NWP) system of China. As the system processes amount of data and requires high real-time,so it is always a hot research field of parallel computing.This is the first time that we use GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) general-purpose computing(More)
With the continuous development of hardware and software, Graphics Processor Units (GPUs) have been used in the general-purpose computation field. They have emerged as a computational accelerator that dramatically reduces the application execution time with CPUs. To achieve high computing performance, a GPU typically includes hundreds of computing units.(More)