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GPU has recently gained considerable attention in getting significant performance, for application raging from scientific computing to database sorting and search. General-purpose computing on GPU can easily reduce the execution time but results in an associated increase in the energy consumption. This paper analyzes energy consumption of parallel(More)
Data grid is a very important and useful technique to process the large number of data produced by scientific experiments and simulations. However, the high latency of the Internet turns to be the bottleneck in accessing the files in the grid. The replication strategy can shorten the time of getting the files by creating many replicas and storing the(More)
in recent years, GPUs have attracted the attention of many application developers as powerful massively parallel system. CUDA as a general purpose parallel computing architecture make GPUs an appealing choice to solve many complex computational problems in a more efficient way. In this paper, we discuss implementing optimizing spare matrix-vector(More)
With the scaling of semiconductor technology, the reliability of embedded multiprocessor systems has become one of the major concerns of the industry. Meanwhile, the communication cost of processors on a chip is becoming a hot topic both in research and in product development. However, most list scheduling heuristics rely on the assumption that processors(More)
The data grid technology, which uses the scale of the Internet to provide storage capability for the mass data, has become one of the hot research topics. The high latency of the network is the bottleneck in accessing the files in data grid systems. The replication strategy can shorten the time of fetching the files by creating many replicas stored in(More)
There is heavy computation involved in Global / Regional Assimilation and Prediction System (GRAPES) which is a typical non-linear discrete system of the Earth's atmosphere developed for numerical weather prediction. Researchers have recently paid a lot of attention to the parallel acceleration of the GRAPES model by low-cost, low-power, high-performance(More)
With the continuous development of hardware and software, Graphics Processor Units (GPUs) have been used in the general-purpose computation field. They have emerged as a computational accelerator that dramatically reduces the application execution time with CPUs. To achieve high computing performance, a GPU typically includes hundreds of computing units.(More)
In this paper, we have used Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) GPU to accelerate pair wise sequence alignment using the Smith-Waterman (SW) algorithm. Smith-Waterman(SW) is by far the best algorithm for its accuracy in similarity scoring. But the executing time of this algorithm is too long in sequence alignment. So we describe a multi-threaded(More)
We devise a nonlinear dynamical model of the growth of strained islands on a pattern. We study the morphological instability of a thin film that develops with a characteristic wavelength in the presence of an external forcing due to an underlying patterned substrate with another wavelength. We find in some conditions that the islands can form in(More)