Xianbin Chi

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Abstract: This paper investigates the optimal rendezvous with power-limited propulsion systems and collision avoidance. A 26-state dynamic model is established including both translational and rotational dynamics. This model is effective for describing autonomous rendezvous with both a three-axis attitude stabilized target and a tumbling one. Collisions are(More)
Optimal control for relative attitude alignment and angular velocity tracking is discussed in this paper. The spacecraft relative attitude kinematics and dynamics based on quaternions are established during the spacecraft proximity operation. Then the attitude tracking problem is formulated as a nonlinear optimal control problem. After transform the(More)
This paper formulates and solves the problem of optimal rendezvous trajectory of a powered chaser and a passive target in a circular orbit. The HCW equations are derived to describe the relative motion in a close range. Then, the rendezvous problems are explicitly formulated as an online trajectory planning problem by using the proposed method. In order to(More)
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