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The complexity and dynamic nature of the Internet (and the emerging Computational Grid) demand that middleware and applications adapt to the changes in configuration and availability of resources. However, to the best of our knowledge there are no simulation tools which support systematic exploration of dynamic Grid software (or Grid resource) behavior. We(More)
Since deletion of the PU.1 gene on chromosome 2 is a crucial acute myeloid leukemia (AML) initiating step in the mouse model, we quantified PU.1 deleted cells in the bone marrow of gamma-, X- and 56Fe-ion-irradiated mice at various times postirradiation. Although 56Fe ions were initially some two to three times more effective than X or gamma rays in(More)
Natural attapulgite (N-AT) and modified attapulgite (M-AT) were used in this study to evaluate their flocculation efficiencies and mechanisms in freshwater containing harmful algal blooms through conventional jar test procedure. The experimental results showed that the efficiency of flocculation can be significantly improved by M-AT under appropriate(More)
A novel approach to prepare activated carbon from blue-green algal bloom residue has been tried for first time and its adsorption capability to remove hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) from aqueous solution has been examined. For this algal bloom residue derived activated carbon, the physical characters regarding adsorption capability were analyzed by scanning(More)
About 10% to 30% of patients with ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) develop leukemias or lymphomas. There is considerable interpatient variation in the age of onset and leukemia/lymphoma type. The incomplete penetrance and variable age of onset may be attributable to several factors. These include competing mortality from other A-T-associated pathologies,(More)
IK is a nuclear protein containing a unique domain named RED due to the presence of a repetitive arginine (R), aspartic (E), and glutamic acid (D) sequence. To date, the function of this protein remains largely unknown despite of a couple of previous studies in the literature. Here we report that depletion of IK via RNA interference results in mitotic(More)
Few published data are available to describe the size distribution of aerosols within the uranium mining environment. Activity size distribution of the radon progeny attached aerosols was measured at the Schwartzwalder uranium mine (Jefferson County, Colorado, USA) using the diffusion battery method in the summer of 1970. The measurements from five of eight(More)
We report a simple and efficient method, which combines restriction endonuclease digestion and deoxynucleotide tailing, for cloning unknown genomic sequences adjacent to a known sequence. Total genomic DNA is partially digested with the frequent-cutting restriction enzymeNla III. A homo-oligomeric cytosine tail is added by terminal transferase. The tailed(More)
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