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The complexity of droplet hydrodynamics on a digital microfluidic (DMF) system eventually weakens its potential for application in large-scale chemical/biological micro-reactors. We describe here an intelligent DMF technology to address that intricacy. A wide variety of control-engaged droplet manageability is proposed and demonstrated through the operation(More)
Dynamical systems driven by Gaussian noises have been considered extensively in modeling, simulation and theory. However, complex systems in engineering and science are often subject to non-Gaussian * 1 fluctuations or uncertainties. A coupled dynamical system under non-Gaussian Lévy noises is considered. After discussing cocycle property , stationary(More)
Direct detection and analysis of biomolecules and cells in physiological microenvironment is urgently needed for fast evaluation of biology and pharmacy. The past several years have witnessed remarkable development opportunities in vitro organs and tissues models with multiple functions based on microfluidic devices, termed as "organ-on-a-chip". Briefly(More)
β-Agonists are a group of illegal feed additives. In this paper, it was found that the light emission produced by the oxidation of luminol by potassium ferricyanide was enhanced by the β-agonists (ractopamine, salbutamol, and terbutaline). Based on chemiluminescence phenomenon, a novel, rapid, and sensitive microflow injection analysis system on a(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) paper-based microfluidics, which is featured with high performance and speedy determination, promise to carry out multistep sample pretreatment and orderly chemical reaction, which have been used for medical diagnosis, cell culture, environment determination, and so on with broad market prospect. However, there are some drawbacks in(More)
Clenbuterol (CL), as a feed additive, has been banned in many countries due to its potential threat to human health. In detection of CL, a fast, low-cost technique with high accuracy and specificity would be ideal for its administrative on-field inspections. Among the attempts to pursue a reliable detection tool of CL, a technique that combines surface(More)
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