Xian-zhang Pan

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Building density is an important issue in urban planning and land management. In the article, building coverage ratio (BCR) and floor area ratio (FAR) values extracted from high resolution satellite images were used to indicate buildings' stretching on the surface and growth along the third dimension within areas of interest in Shanghai City, P.R. China.(More)
Numerous studies have investigated the direct retrieval of soil properties, including soil texture, using remotely sensed images. However, few have considered how soil properties influence dynamic changes in remote images or how soil processes affect the characteristics of the spectrum. This study investigated a new method for mapping regional soil texture(More)
Visual and Near-infrared (VIS-NIR) reflectance spectroscopy had been used widely in monitoring agricultural pollution in recent years, however, it was rarely applied in monitoring the contamination of heavy metal in orchards. In the present paper, Newhall navel orange (Citrus sinensis [L.] Osbeck cv. Newhall) were cultivated in the potted soil contaminated(More)
There has been a growing interest in using spectral reflectance as a rapid and inexpensive tool for soil salinity monitoring in recent years. However, since soil moisture often exerts a tremendous influence on soil reflectance, the monitoring accuracy under various moisture conditions cannot fully satisfy the requirements of agricultural practice. In the(More)
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