Xian-wei Gao

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Smartcard could leak some power consumption during encryption or signature Differential power analysis (DPA) attackers can analysis encryption key with power information, it brings much more harm than traditional mathematics analysis. RSA is one of the most widely used public key algorithms nowadays. However when it is implemented in embedded devices such(More)
This work presents the experimental analysis on the relationship between Ultrasoinc acoustic emissions (UAEs) and water consumption associated with transpiration. In order to avoid background noise interference, the UAEs detecting frequency is between 100 KHz and 1 MHz. From the experiments, the hypothesis can be drawn that irrigation conducts when the UAEs(More)
Studies have shown that ultrasonic acoustic emission (UAE) is associated with the phenomenon of cavitation diagnosis in plant conduit. The UAE signals can be acquired between 100 KHz and 1 MHz, which is the indicator of xylem cavitation. The UAE diagnosis system is established by PCI-2, PCI-8333 data acquisition card (DAQ), transducers and virtual(More)
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