Xian-si Tan

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Radon Fourier Transform (RFT) is a kind of generalized MTD, which can integrate along the track of targets. However, it is not easy for RFT to be engineered due to the calculating burden. Aiming at this problem, a kind of RFT parallelization strategy is put forward based on GPU and CUDA. Through experimental verification, the execution time of RFT on GPU(More)
In order to improve the tracking accuracy and the scheduling success rate on the problem of phased array radar task scheduling. Adaptive time window is proposed to solve this problem. Firstly, the target state for the next observation is predicted and the influence of time shifting is sought out. Then, the size of the time window is calculated according to(More)
Search ability of long range early-warning phased array radar without indication information is studied in this paper, based on the background of near space hypersonic targets defense. Design principle and validation method of radar search parameters such as search screen, signal cycle and search frame period are deeply discussed in the case of near space(More)
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