Xian-chun Yu

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[1] The center of Hurricane Felix passed 85 km to the southwest of the Bermuda Testbed Mooring (BTM; 31°44 0 N, 64°10 0 W) site on 15 August 1995. Data collected in the upper ocean from the BTM during this encounter provide a rare opportunity to investigate the physical processes that occur in a hurricane's wake. Data analyses indicate that the storm caused(More)
Woodceramics is made from bamboo powder and epoxy resin. Analysis with X-ray diffraction (XRD) shows that with an increase in sintering temperature, the degree of graphitization increases. Scanning electron microscopic (SEM) analysis also indicates that bamboo powder exists in the composite as natural plant template. The study suggests that both sintering(More)
To improve the structure and basic performance, carbon fibre-reinforced woodceramics with a laminated structure were prepared by using liquefied wood and carbon powder as matrix materials and carbon fibre as a reinforcing material through structure and process designs with the establishment of a unit structure model thereof. Basic performance tests(More)
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