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We investigated the effects of granulation on organic acid metabolism and its relation to mineral elements in 'Guanximiyou' pummelo (Citrus grandis) juice sacs. Granulated juice sacs had decreased concentrations of citrate and isocitrate, thus lowering juice sac acidity. By contrast, malate concentration was higher in granulated juice sacs than in normal(More)
Alkyl 2-cyano-3-methylthio-3-phosphonylacrylates were synthesized by the reaction of alkyl 2-cyano-3,3-dimethylthioacrylates with dialkyl phosphites. The structures of the new compounds were characterized by elemental analyses, IR, 1H-, 13C- and 31P-NMR spectral data. These compounds were tested in vitro against pathogenic fungi, namely, Fusarium(More)
Herbarone (1), a novel heptaketide with a tetrahydro-5,9-methanobenzo[8]annulen-10(5H)-one skeleton, together with the new ent-astropaquinones B (2) and C (3) and four known pyranonaphthoquinones (4-7), was isolated from the sea hare associated fungus Torula herbarum. The structures of the new compounds were elucidated by detailed spectroscopic analysis,(More)
We present an improved version of GENXICC, which is a generator for hadronic production of the doubly heavy baryons Ξcc , Ξbc and Ξbb and has been introduced by C.H. Chang, J.X. Wang and X.G. Wu [Comput. Phys. Commun. 177 (2007) 467; Comput. Phys. Commun. 181 (2010) 1144]. In comparison with the previous GENXICC versions, we update the program in order to(More)
Three new eudesmane-type sesquiterpenoids, compounds 1-3, and eight known constituents, including mucrolidin (4), 1beta,4beta,7alpha-trihydroxyeudesmane (5), 1beta,4beta,6beta,11-tetrahydroxyeudesmane (6), oplodiol (7), bullatantriol (8), acetylbullatantriol (9), homalomenol (10), and maristeminol (11), were isolated from the aerial parts of Homalomena(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the feasibility and clinical results of subsequent retroperitoneoscopic surgery for patients with previous ipsilateral retroperitoneal surgery through frank incision. METHODS A total of 10 patents were selected for subsequent laparoscopic surgery through retroperitoneal approach. Among them, there were recurrent renal cysts (n = 4)(More)
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