Xian Xu

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Malaria re-emerged in the Huang-Huai Plain of central China during 2006–2008, dominated with Anopheles sinensis as a vector. However, there is no information on strategies based on multi-factor analysis to effectively control the re-emergence of malaria in these areas. Previous experience indicates some relationship between the distribution of water bodies(More)
Oxidative stress contributes to development of ischemic brain damage. Many antioxidants have been proven effective in ameliorating cerebral ischemia injury by inhibiting oxidative stress. DATS, an organosulfuric component of garlic oil, exhibits antioxidative effects. In present study, we used OGD model to investigate the neuroprotective effects of DATS and(More)
We introduce a new variant of P systems as an improvement of the original design. The P systems here allow parallelism in rules application on synapses (or links, channels), rendering the systems more efficient. We describe the execution mechanism of our P systems, make analysis on its computation power, and illustrate the running by an example.
In the research field of process calculi, encoding between different calculi is an effective way to compare the expressive power of them and can shed light on the essence of where the difference lies. Thomsen and Sangiorgi have worked on the higher-order calculi (higher-order CCS and higher-order pi-calculus, respectively) and the encoding to and from(More)
The physiological responses of marine bivalves to chronic cadmium (Cd) exposure at sub-lethal concentrations have been well documented. As of now, few studies have examined the effect of Cd exposure and subsequent recovery period at environmentally realistic concentrations. In this study, environmentally, Cd exposures were performed to assess the(More)
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