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Uniform emission, constant wavevector silicon grating surface emitter for beam steering with ultra-sharp instantaneous field-of-view.
We report on uniform emission intensity profile, uniform propagation constant silicon gratings for beam steering application with ultra-sharp instantaneous field-of-view (IFOV). To achieve uniformExpand
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A novel sparse auto-encoder for deep unsupervised learning
This paper proposes a novel sparse variant of auto-encoders as a building block to pre-train deep neural networks. Compared with sparse auto-encoders through KL-divergence, our method requires fewerExpand
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Estimation of cycle frequency for multiple cyclostationary signals
In many fields of use of spectral correlation, a priori knowledge of cycle frequency can not be obtained every time. The cycle frequency can be estimated from a section of received data. But theExpand
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Exosomes released by hepatocarcinoma cells endow adipocytes with tumor-promoting properties
BackgroundThe initiation and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are largely dependent on its local microenvironment. Adipocytes are an important component of hepatic microenvironment inExpand
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Agent-based human behavior modeling for crowd simulation
Human crowd is a fascinating social phenomenon in nature. This paper presents our work on designing behavior model for virtual humans in a crowd simulation under normal-life and emergency situations.Expand
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Enhanced 3-D Modeling for Landmark Image Classification
Landmark image classification is a challenging task due to the various circumstances, e.g., illumination, viewpoint, zoom in/out and occlusion under which landmark images are taken. Most existingExpand
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Artistic brushstroke representation and animation with disk b-spline curve
A novel modeling and representation approach for brushstroke and animation is proposed in this paper based on disk B-spline curve (DBSC). This method represents not only the 2D region of the strokeExpand
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Towards Semantic Requirement Engineering
It is widely acknowledged that most of problems occurring in requirement engineering activities mainly results from the lack of a semantic agreement among stakeholders. It implies to find anExpand
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Harmonic 1-form based skeleton extraction from examples
This paper presents a method to extract skeletons using examples. Our method is based on the observation that many deformations in real-world applications are isometric or near isometric. By takingExpand
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Video based 3D reconstruction using spatio-temporal attention analysis
  • Xian Xiao, C. Xu, Y. Rui
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and…
  • 19 July 2010
3D reconstruction has been widely used in many important applications. While extensive research has been done in 3D reconstruction, several key issues are still open and the precision of theExpand
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