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This paper presents a data structure that reduces approximate nearest neighbor query times for image patches in large datasets. Previous work in texture synthesis has demonstrated real-time synthesis from small exemplar textures. However, high performance has proved elusive for modern patch-based optimization techniques which frequently use many exemplar(More)
This paper focuses on analyzing and predicting not-answered questions in Community based Question Answering (CQA) services, such as Yahoo! Answers. In CQA, users express their information needs by submitting questions and await answers from other users. One of the key problems of this pattern is that sometimes no one helps to give answers. In this paper, we(More)
The boom of product review websites, blogs and forums on the web has attracted many research efforts on opinion mining. Recently, there was a growing interest in the finer-grained opinion mining, which detects opinions on different review features as opposed to the whole review level. The researches on feature-level opinion mining mainly rely on identifying(More)
Domain adaptation is an important problem in named entity recognition (NER). NER classi-fiers usually lose accuracy in the domain transfer due to the different data distribution between the source and the target domains. The major reason for performance degrading is that each entity type often has lots of domain-specific term representations in the(More)
Recent in vitro studies have found that astrocytes exert powerful control over the number of neuronal synapses, leading us to consider why glia can exert this control and what the underlying mechanism(s) may be. To understand the potential possibility, we studied the formation of synapses and synaptic function in primary rat cortical neurons. We found that(More)
This paper deals with the problem of exploring hierarchical semantics from social annotations. Recently, social annotation services have become more and more popular in Semantic Web. It allows users to arbitrarily annotate web resources, thus, largely lowers the barrier to cooperation. Furthermore, through providing abundant meta-data resources , social(More)
  • Janaka B Ekanayake, Lee Holdsworth, Xueguang Wu, Nicholas Jenkins, L Holdsworth, X G Wu +1 other
  • 2001
—It is now recognized that many large wind farms will employ doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) variable speed wind turbines. A number of such wind farms are already in operation and more are planned or under construction. With the rising penetration of wind power into electricity networks, increasingly comprehensive studies are required to identify the(More)