Xian-Wu Dong

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In this paper, ten new silver compounds, namely [Ag(bipy)](L1).H2O (1), [Ag(bipy)](L2).2H2O (2), [Ag2(bipy)2(H2O)2](L3).H2O (3), [Ag(L4)(bipy)].H2O (4), [Ag(L5)(bipy)] (5), [Ag(L6)(bipy)].0.5CH3CN (6), [Ag3(L7)2(bipy)2].2(H2O) (7), [Ag2(L8)(bipy)1.5(H2O)].H2O (8), [Ag2(L9)(bipy)2(H2O)2] (9) and [Ag3(L10)(bipy)2][(bipy)(H2O)2].(H2O)3.5 (10) (where bipy =(More)
The title compound, [Ag(C(6)H(5)ClNO(3)S)(C(10)H(9)N)(2)], crystallizes with two independent mol-ecules in the asymmetric unit. The Ag(+) cation is three-coordinated by one O atom from the 2-amino-5-chloro-benzene-sulfonate anion and two N atoms from two different 3-methyl-isoquinoline ligands in a slightly distorted trigonal-planar geometry. In the(More)
In the title compound, {[Ag(C(8)H(10)NO(3)S)(C(7)H(6)N(2))]·H(2)O}(n), each Ag(I) cation is four-coordinated by three N atoms from two different 2-methyl-pyrazine ligands and one -NH(2) group of a 2-amino-4,5-dimethybenzene-sulfonate ligand, and by one sulfonate O atom, in a distorted tetra-hedral coordination geometry. The Ag(I) centres are bridged by both(More)
In the title compound, {[Zn(2)(C(9)H(3)O(6))(OH)(H(2)O)]·0.5H(2)O}(n), there are three independent Zn(II) atoms present; two are located on special positions, viz a twofold rotation axis and an inversion centre, and the third is located in a general position. The Zn(II) atom on the inversion centre is six-coordinated by four O atoms from four different(More)
In the crystal structure of the title compound, 2C(8)H(6)O(4)·3C(20)H(22)N(4), there are three independent 2,2'-dimethyl-1,1'-(butane-1,4-di-yl)dibenzimidazole mol-ecules, each of which lies on an inversion centre. The terephthalic acid mol-ecules are linked to adjacent 2,2'-dimethyl-1,1'-(butane-1,4-di-yl)dibenzimidazole mol-ecules via O-H⋯N hydrogen bonds.
In the title compound, [NaZn(C(9)H(3)O(6))(H(2)O)(4)](n), the Zn(II) atom is six-coordinated by four O atoms from two different benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxyl-ate anions and two water O atoms in a distorted tetragonal-bipyramidal geometry and the Na(I) atom is five-coordinated by three O atoms from three different benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxyl-ate anions and two(More)
In this article, a series of mixed-ligand Ag(i) coordination polymers, namely, Ag(L1)H(2)O (), Ag(2)(hmt)(2)(L1)(2) (), [Ag(HL2)]H(2)O (), [Ag(L2)(biim)][Ag(biim)] (), [K(5)(L3)(2)][Ag(H(2)O)(2)] (), [Ag(2)(L3)(3-iso)][Ag(3-iso)]5H(2)O (), [Ag(3)(L3)(bipy)(3)(H(2)O)]6H(2)O (), [Ag(3)(L3)(biim)(3)]H(2)O (), and [Ag(3)(L3)(hmt)(2)(H(2)O)(3)]H(2)O () (where(More)
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