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Enhanced Tribological Properties of Polymer Composite Coating Containing Graphene at Room and Elevated Temperatures
To improve the tribology properties of the polymer coating under elevated temperature, the epoxy coating was reinforced with nano graphene. The micro-hardness, heat conductivity, andExpand
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Research on the landscape pattern of slopes with different gradients and directions in the area of Three Gorges Area based on 3S—A case study from Wuxi County
Supported by GIS,the actuality and changes of landscape patterns of slopes with different grades and directions in Wuxi County,which is located in Three Gorges Area,were analyzed by using landscapeExpand
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Dual-Emissive and Color-Tunable Mn-Doped InP/ZnS Quantum Dots via a Growth-Doping Method
In this letter, dual-emissive and color-tunable Mn-doped InP/ZnS quantum dots (Mn:InP/ZnS QDs) with the absolute photoluminescence quantum yield (PL QY) up to 78% were successfully synthesized via aExpand
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Tunable emission and morphology control of the Cu-In-S/ZnS quantum dots with dual stabilizer via microwave-assisted aqueous synthesis
Abstract Multinary quantum dots (QDs), owing to the large degree of freedom in their structure and composition, have a wide tunability in their bandgap and show an increased indeterminacy andExpand
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Amphipathic carbon dots with solvent-dependent optical properties and sensing application
Abstract Carbon dots (CDs) have been regarded as novel heavy-metal-free fluorescent materials because of their prominent optical features. In this work, one type of amphipathic CDs is prepared byExpand
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Effect of ration size on growth and energy balance for the juvenile mullet, Liza haematocheila (T. et S.), was studied from August to December in 1999 at (24.0±0.5)℃. The fish were fed commercialExpand
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Carbon Budget of Redlip Mullet(Liza haematocheila T.& S.) Under Different Feeding Rates
Carbon budget of redlip mullet influenced by feeding rates was researched in the condition of water temperature 20 ℃ and salinity 30.Six feeding rates were set as follows: starvation,1,2,3,4(percentExpand
Design Practical FBG Sensor Applied to Bridge Health Monitoring
Monitoring systems based on fiber optic technology have proved to exhibit meaningful benefits when compared with the current solutions of an electricnature. A novel low cost sensing system forExpand
Effect of a Detritivorous Fish on the Nitrogen Cycling in the Ecological System
A detritivorous fish, mullet ( Liza haematocheila) can be a scavenger and affect nitrogen cycle in a water environment. The nitrogen intake of the mullet increased with body weight. Temperature had aExpand
A facile route for highly efficient color-tunable Cu-Ga-Se/ZnSe quantum dots
Abstract I-III-VI group “green” quantum dots (QDs) are receiving increasing attention in photoelectronic conversion applications. In this work, a facile one-pot route directly dissolving copperExpand
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