Xian-Wei Cheng

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The influence of global warming on soil organic matter (SOM) dynamics in terrestrial ecosystems remains unclear. In this study, we combined soil fractionation with isotope analyses to examine SOM dynamics after nine years of experimental warming in a North America tallgrass prairie. Soil samples from the control plots and the warmed plots were separated(More)
High−resolution hyperspectral imaging (HSI) provides an abundance of spectral data for feature analysis in image processing. Usually, the amount of information contained in hyperspectral images is excessive and redundant, and data mining for waveband selection is needed. In applications such as fruit and vegetable defect inspections, effective spectral(More)
Leaf traits and physiology are species-specific and various with canopy position and leaf age. Leaf photosynthesis, morphology and chemistry in the upper and lower canopy positions of Pinus koraiensis Sieb. et Zucc and Quercus mongolica Fisch. ex Turoz in broadleaved Korean pine forest were determined in September 2009. Canopy position did not significantly(More)
Bio-based phytic acid (PA) as a nontoxic naturally occurring compound is a promising prospect for flame-retardant (FR) modifications to polymers. In this work, PA was applied to wool fabric using an exhaustion technique, and the adsorption and FR properties of PA on wool fabric were studied. The flame retardancy of the treated wool fabrics depended greatly(More)
The similarity of photo aging and corona aging in nano-ZnO/LDPE composite was investigated using the Fourier Transformed Infra-red spectra (FTIR). The composite of nano-ZnO/LDPE was prepared via the method of double-solution mixture. The samples were aged by photo and corona respectively for different time. The FTIR spectra were measured and the results(More)
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