Xian Shi

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OBJECTIVE To explore the experimental method of obtaining position emission tonogiaphy (PET) imaging evidence of changes in cerebral function by puncturing the Stomach 36 (ST36, Zusanli) acupoint. METHODS Data on changes of cerebral glycometabolism were obtained from six healthy male volunteers with positron emission tomography. Visual experimental(More)
Positron emission tomography (PET), as functional imaging, provides in-vivo spatial distribution of physiological or biochemical processes. The kinetic modelling process to derive quantitative functional parameter usually requires invasive frequent blood sampling. We proposed a new approach to use static imaging derived information to produce non-invasive(More)
This study investigated the protective effect and mechanism of electroacupuncture at ST36 points on the intestinal barrier dysfunction and remote organ injury after intestinal ischemia and reperfusion injury in rats. Rats were subjected to gut ischemia for 30 min, and then received electroacupuncture for 30 min with or without abdominal vagotomy or(More)
We observed the inhibitive effect of electroacupuncture (EA) at Zusanli on inflammatory mediators of postoperative intra-abdominal adhesions to find out the relationship between EA and the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway. Sixty-four rats were divided into 8 groups (A-H, each = 8): A = sham control; B = abdominal adhesions model; C = abdominal(More)
Severe burn injuries may result in gastrointestinal paralysis, and barrier dysfunction due to gut ischemia and lowered vagus excitability. In this study we investigate whether electroacupuncture (EA) at Zusanli (ST36) could prevent severe scalds-induced gut ischemia, paralysis, and barrier dysfunction and whether the protective role of EA at ST36 is related(More)
Sixty Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into 5 groups: (a) control group (HS); (b) Immediate rehydration group (IFR); (c) ST36 electroacupuncture (EA) delay rehydration group (EA/DFR): EA at ST36 immediately after blood loss with infusion 3 h later; (d) EA nonmeridian rehydration group (SEA/DFR): EA at nonacupuncture sites with rehydration similar to EA/DFR;(More)
The goal of this study was to investigate the impact and acceptability of providing continuous auricular electroacupuncture as an adjunct to conventional medications for patients with depression. Ten patients with a mean age ± SD of 43.3 ± 10.4 years were able to provide informed consent. The quantitative and qualitative outcome measures were heart rate,(More)
Novice young drivers are more frequently involved in traffic accidents, and studies have shown that effective supervised driver training is the key in reducing young drivers' risks. Using our previously developed Mobile-UTDrive in-vehicle data acquisition platform, two 16-age novice drivers participated in naturalistic drive training data collection. This(More)
Tongue acupuncture (TA) is a method which is not used in western medicine and even in China it is applied very rarely in clinical practice. This study aimed at investigating whether additional TA can improve the efficacy of body acupuncture (BA) in patients with depression. Twenty patients with a mean age of ± SD of 42.9 ± 11.2 years were randomly divided(More)
We report the angular distribution of the G and 2D Raman scattering from graphene on glass by detecting back focal plane patterns. The G Raman emission can be described by a superposition of two incoherent orthogonal point dipoles oriented in the graphene plane. Due to double resonant Raman scattering, the 2D emission can be represented by the sum of either(More)