Xian Qiu Wu

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Ribonucleoprotein particles (RNPs) are thought to be key players in somato-dendritic sorting of mRNAs in CNS neurons and are implicated in activity-directed neuronal remodeling. Here, we use reporter constructs and gel mobility shift assays to show that the testis brain RNA-binding protein (TB-RBP) associates with mRNPs in a sequence (Y element) dependent(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate quality of life (QOL) and related characteristics among an urban neo-poverty population in northeast China, and to compare this population with a traditional poverty cohort. DESIGN The research was a cross-sectional survey executed from June 2005 to October 2007, with a sample of 2940 individuals ages 36 to 55 in three different(More)
The subcellular location(s) of the DNA- and RNA-binding protein, Testis-Brain RNA-Binding Protein (TB-RBP)/Translin in mouse brain has been determined in paraffin sections by immunocytochemistry with an affinity purified antibody to mouse recombinant TB-RBP. Nuclear staining was frequently seen in neurons throughout the brain, but no TB-RBP/Translin was(More)
This study aimed to investigate physiological and protein expression alterations of mycorrhizal Pinus massoniana Lamb. inoculated with Lactarius insulsus in response to drought stress. The P. massoniana seedlings were inoculated with L. insulsus (Li group) and ectomycorrhized fungal-free filtrate (control, CK group), respectively. After two and a half(More)
Viral infection seriously affects the yield and quality of potato tubers. Breeding of virus-resistant potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) varieties is essential. Introduction of resistance genes from other Solanaceae species into cultivated potato is likely to be a valuable method to achieve durable resistance to potato virus. Tm-2 2 resistance gene was cloned(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of extreme heat on health has become a growing public health concern due to climate change. We aimed to examine the epidemiological patterns of hospital-based emergency department (ED) visits for heat stroke in the United States. FINDINGS We analyzed data from the 2009 and 2010 Nationwide Emergency Department Sample, the largest ED(More)
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