Xian M. O’Brien

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Rhodococcus sp. I24 can oxygenate indene via at least three independent enzyme activities: (i) a naphthalene inducible monooxygenase (ii) a naphthalene inducible dioxygenase, and (iii) a toluene inducible dioxygenase (TID). Pulsed field gel analysis revealed that the I24 strain harbors two megaplasmids of ∼340 and ∼50 kb. Rhodococcus sp. KY1, a derivative(More)
Many cell types can bias their direction of locomotion by coupling to external cues. Characteristics such as how fast a cell migrates and the directedness of its migration path can be quantified to provide metrics that determine which biochemical and biomechanical factors affect directional cell migration, and by how much. To be useful, these metrics must(More)
Neutrophils are motile and responsive to tissue injury and infection. As neutrophils emigrate from the bloodstream and migrate toward a site of affliction, they encounter the tissue extracellular matrix (ECM) and thereby engage integrins. Our laboratory studies the neutrophilic response to the fungal pathogen Candida albicans either in the filamentous state(More)
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