Xian Jun Guo

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Although permanent bilateral common carotid artery occlusion (2VO) has been demonstrated to induce retinal injury, there is still a lack of systematic research on the complex processing of retinal degeneration. In the present study, time-dependent (at three, 14, 60 days after 2VO surgery) changes of neurotrophic and inflammatory systems, as well as(More)
Verticillium wilt (VW) caused by Verticillium dahliae Kleb is one of the most destructive diseases of cotton. Development and use of a VW resistant variety is the most practical and effective way to manage this disease. Identification of highly resistant genes/QTL and the underlining genetic architecture is a prerequisite for developing a VW resistant(More)
Chakouyi horse (Equus caballus) is a native and endangered breed of riding horse in China. This study reports the complete mitochondrial genome of the Chakouyi horse using next-generation sequencing. The full length of the circular genome is 16,656 bp. It consists of 37 typical animal mitochondrial genes including 13 protein-coding genes (PCGs), 22 transfer(More)
Ovis ammon darwini: has been listed as a near-threatened species by IUCN-World Conservation Union due to over-hunting and poaching, competition with domestic livestock, and habitat destruction. Study on molecular biology research provides the scientific basis for the protection and sustainable utilization of key endangered species. Mitochondrial genome is(More)
Generally speaking, the hornless trait is also known as polled. Although the POLL locus could be assigned to a 1.36-Mb interval in the centromeric region of BTA1 (Georges et al., 1993; Drögemüller et al., 2005)), and (Liu et al., 2014) reported a 147-kb segment that included three protein-coding genes was the most likely location of the POLL mutation in(More)
The molecular and population genetic evidence of the phylogenetic status of the Tibetan sheep (Ovis aries) is not well understood, and little is known about this species' genetic diversity. This knowledge gap is partly due to the difficulty of sample collection. This is the first work to address this question. Here, the genetic diversity and phylogenetic(More)
The present study aimed to report the entire mitochondrial genome of Qingyang donkey (Equus asinus). Donkeys play an important role in the daily lives of human beings. The population of Chinese donkey breeds has undergone an enormous decline with the advance of agricultural mechanization, rapid development of transportation and introduction of new different(More)
The breeding of yaks is highly seasonal, there are many crucial proteins involved in the reproduction control program, especially in follicular development. In order to isolate differential proteins between mature and immature follicular fluid (FF) of yak, the FF from yak follicles with different sizes were sampled respectively, and two-dimensional gel(More)
Dmrt7 is a member of the DM domain family of genes. Dmrt7 deficiency is also a strong candidate as a cause for male cattle-yak infertility, as it is regarded as essential for male spermatogenesis, between the pachynema and diplonema stages. In our study, the coding region sequence of yak and cattle-yak Dmrt7 was cloned by molecular cloning techniques, and(More)
The permanent occlusion of common carotid arteries (2-VO) in rats has been shown to induce progressive and long-lasting deficits in cognitive performance, however, whether these aberrant behaviors are attributed to visual dysfunction or cognitive impairment and what are the underlying mechanisms, remain controversial. In the present study, vision dominant(More)