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The multi-path routing scheme provides reliable guarantee for mobile ad hoc network. A new method is proposed that is using to analyze the security of multi-path routing protocol within the framework of Universally Composable (UC) security. Based on the topological model that there exist adversarial nodes, the concept of plausible route is extended and the(More)
The breeding of yaks is highly seasonal, there are many crucial proteins involved in the reproduction control program, especially in follicular development. In order to isolate differential proteins between mature and immature follicular fluid (FF) of yak, the FF from yak follicles with different sizes were sampled respectively, and two-dimensional gel(More)
Generally speaking, the hornless trait is also known as polled. Although the POLL locus could be assigned to a 1.36-Mb interval in the centromeric region of BTA1 (Georges et al., 1993; Drögemüller et al., 2005)), and (Liu et al., 2014) reported a 147-kb segment that included three protein-coding genes was the most likely location of the POLL mutation in(More)
The molecular and population genetic evidence of the phylogenetic status of the Tibetan sheep (Ovis aries) is not well understood, and little is known about this species' genetic diversity. This knowledge gap is partly due to the difficulty of sample collection. This is the first work to address this question. Here, the genetic diversity and phylogenetic(More)
Ovis ammon darwini: has been listed as a near-threatened species by IUCN-World Conservation Union due to over-hunting and poaching, competition with domestic livestock, and habitat destruction. Study on molecular biology research provides the scientific basis for the protection and sustainable utilization of key endangered species. Mitochondrial genome is(More)