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—PSO is a widely recognized optimization algorithm inspired by social swarm. In this brief we present a heterogeneous strategy particle swarm optimization (HSPSO), in which a proportion of particles adopt a fully informed strategy to enhance the converging speed while the rest are singly informed to maintain the diversity. Our extensive numerical(More)
This paper proposes a routing strategy for network systems based on the local information of "pheromone." The overall traffic capacity of a network system can be evaluated by the critical packet generating rate R(c). Under this critical generating rate, the total packet number in the system first increases and then decreases to reach a balance state. The(More)
Due to its rapid development in the past decade, air transportation system has attracted considerable research attention from diverse communities. While most of the previous studies focused on airline networks, here we systematically explore the robustness of the Chinese air route network, and identify the vital edges which form the backbone of Chinese air(More)
AII aims to infer the most likely future intent based on current aircraft motion states, therefore, it has become an essential method to enhance air traffic situational awareness [1]. Generally, aircraft motion states consist of aircraft IDs, latitude/longitude/altitude coordinates, ground speeds, accelerations and heading angles, which could be directly(More)
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